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Trekk | All-Inclusive Travel App


I have always had a passion for planning trips and traveling. The most frustrating part of trip planning is how many sites you have to visit to find information, prices, and reviews for each part of your trip. Trekk is a mobile application concept that allows the traveler to visit just one platform for their entire trip. This app is used in the planning process, during the actual travel, and later to access archived information. This all-inclusive app allows the traveler to have the comfort of finding the cheapest prices, connecting with other people while abroad, storing data without using phone storage, and storing tickets/reservations without the risk of losing anything.

Trekk is a UX design and Interactive design project. Most of the process was topic research, user research, and experience design using wireframe prototypes and multiple rounds of user testing.

Deliverables: research, wireframes, and prototypes
Art Direction: Scott Laserow


Wireframe Prototype

Design Prototype Round 2

Emily Rose