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Skinny Dip | A Saucy Health Bar


Take a dive into the saucy world of Skinny Dip. Au natural or fully robed, our healthy selection will bring out your inner exhibitionist. Our skinny dips are fresh, full of flavor, and low calorie, so indulge. All of our dips and dippers are organic and locally grown. We love the skinny part of dipping, and we hope you do too. There’s a lot more to Skinny Dips, but we choose to leave that in the water. Feel free to enjoy your dip in public, everyone else here at Skinny Dip does.

Skinny Dip, “A Saucy Health Bar,” is a restaurant concept for people looking for fun, healthy food. This project was designed from concept, to logo, to brand execution. Skinny Dip is a total package of branding, package design, and web design.

Deliverables: logo, complete brand design, and website
Art Direction: Scott Laserow
Photography: Mike Pilow
Exhibitions: Tyler 15th Annual Restaurant Show
Awards: 2nd Place Faculty Logo Award

Emily Rose