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Hello! I am a Graphic Designer in the Philadelphia area who has been made fun of my whole life for being too happy all the time. Sorry, not sorry.

When I’m not searching Philadelphia for the best mac and cheese, enjoying a cold glass of wine, or playing with my puppy, you can find me pouring my heart into my latest design adventure. Sometimes, you can find me doing all four at once. I see every design project I take on as an adventure because I am always pushing myself to discover new methods, tools, and inspiration. No process is the same, which is why I’ve recently begun obsessing over UI/UX design. I am a nerd for planning, both in my personal life and in my designs. Through UI/UX design, specifically more in mobile apps, I have found a beautiful cross between my obsession with detail and my passion for finding the perfect color, typeface, and spacing.

Aside from my design adventures, I am always looking for my next life adventure. Whether it’s booking a plane ticket to take me somewhere new in the world or just redesigning my apartment, I am always looking for something to work towards. I believe that small goals make big differences.

Follow my design adventures at emilyrosedesigner and get to know me personally (or just to see a ton of pictures of my dog) on Instagram at emilyrose29.  Read who I am on paper by viewing my resume or viewing my LinkedIn. I would love to chat! Email me at

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”
– Roald Dahl

Emily Rose